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Happy Cocooning is a Dutch young company. They manufacture Firetables with central burners. The Cocoon Table is a very contemporary solution to the often fervently cherished desire for a fireplace. The absence of the chimney makes the Cocoon Table accessible for everyone unlike a fireplace.

The design gas fireplace in the Cocoon Table provides warmth and conviviality. Your summer nights will be extended on a particularly attractive way.




At Beefeater, we seriously understand barbecues. Founded in 1984, we’ve been making these authentic Aussie icons for more than 20 years. So naturally, we’re pretty good at it. We make them beautiful. We make them tough. And the quality? Just sensational. We also make them modular. We’re clever like that, so you can even build your own.

We’re the largest independent barbecue manufacturer in Australia. Certified to American, Australian & CE standards, BeefEater’s high quality barbecues are now sold around the world in markets including the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and NZ.




Napoleon works with its customers designing and implementing features sought after by discriminating consumers around the world. Time after time Napoleon has led the way with new and innovative patented technology: luxurious Gas Grills , exclusive Infra-red grilling experience and some of North America’s most advanced state-of-the-art technology. Innovative engineering and design, advanced manufacturing techniques, dedicated customer service, outstanding product quality, and superior warranties distinguish Napoleon from its competitors.




It’s simply a matter of taste!

The Outback® name stands for quality, innovation and total commitment to our partners, stockists and end users alike. Our Company is focused on providing our loyal partners and discerning barbecue customers everywhere with a comprehensive range of cutting edge products year after year, ensuring Outback® products remain amongst the best and most reliable in the marketplace.




German company that takes care of the aesthetic. They are manufacturers of wood products to smoke food. We can find sawdust, smoking chips, wood planks, aromatic herbs… Really good quality products and really easy to use as well in barbecues as in ovens.