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Barbecues are sold assembled?

If you buy a barbecue through our website or it would be sent to your home, the barbecue will arrive disassembled inside its original carton and you should assembled it. All barbecues include an instructions manual and assembling uses to be really easy. If you want the product assembled, you should ask your retailer if they can offer that service and its cost.


Is all included?

No, the gas tank must be bought separately from an authorised dealer, as well as the gas regulator. Some brands include the gas hose, but not all of them.


Which kind of barbecues exist?

Gas: we find barbecues that operate with gas, it could be propane or butane, and even we have some models that can work with natural gas just buying an extra accessory.

The gas barbecues use to have a complement to avoid direct fire burning the food, and they also help to flavour the food with its own aroma, as lava rock, ceramic briquettes or vaporizers. NEVER USE CHARCOAL OR WOOD. 

Charcoal: Barbecues that operate with charcoal. We recommend the use of 100% pure coco charcoal. NEVER USE LAVA ROCK/ BRIQUETTES OR WOOD.



Do you have original accessories for the barbecues?

Yes, we have a wide range of original accessories and other generic.

We suggest as essential the cover even when the barbecue will be stored indoors. REMEMBER TO COOL THE BARBECUE BEFORE USING THE COVER.

The European regulation requires the usage of a heat resistant glove when using the barbecue. 

If you are looking for something that does not appear at the webpage do not hesitate to contact us and ask for it.


Can I leave my barbecue completely outside the whole year?

No. Although the barbecues are for outdoor usage, if when they are not in use we leave them the whole year outside, they will be seriously damaged due to sun, wind, rain… We must have in mind that sun burns the materials and colours, salt corrodes, rain rusts… so it is really important to protect properly the barbecue when it will not be in use with a cover and also if possible under a roof.


Where should I put the gas tank?

In spite of that some barbecues have a room at the trolley for the gas tank, you must always check with the manual to confirm if it can be stored inside when in use or not. It is really important to check that the hose is not in touch with any hot part from the barbecue.


Which warranty have the barbecues?

The warranty period in Spain is the one stated by law, 2 years against manufacturing defects. The warranty never will cover damaged due to use or misuse (rusted burners, grills or plates…) Sometimes the customer may solve the problem following the indications at the manual and buying the required spare parts.


Could be any variation from the shown product with the final one?

Yes, but it is not usual. Always the manufacturers have the right to improve the product without previous advice and notice.

The pictures at the web page could any some small variations with respect to the real product as different cover colour, but nothing bigger.