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Other accesories

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18,00 €


FeaturesBattery thermometer to control your roasts from Beefeater
25,00 €


FeaturesStainless steel fork from Beefeater
16,00 €

Heat lid

FeaturesHeat lid for Heat 4 black, 4 inox and heat 3
370,00 €

Temperature gauge

FeaturesBeefeater's temperature gauge
24,00 €

Kebab rack & skewer

Features7 kebab rack and skewers from Beefeater
30,00 €

3 pieces tool set

FeaturesStainless steel Beefeater 3 pieces tool set
62,00 €

Roast holder

FeaturesRoast holder from Beefeater. It is just the rack, not included the back baking dish.
20,00 €


FeaturesStainless steel Beefeater tongs
25,00 €

Sea food grill

FeaturesSea food grill perfect for small pieces
30,00 €


Features2 hadles to lift the Outback grills from the barbecues
24,00 €

Long Spatula

FeaturesStainless steel long spatula from Beefeater
22,00 €

Wide Spatula

FeaturesStainless steel wide spatula from Beefeater
26,00 €


FeaturesStainless steel spatula from Beefeater
19,00 €

Baking dish Outback

Completely porcelain enamelled baking dish from OutbackFeatures
75,00 €

Coco charcoal

Features100% ecological pure coco charcoal (just for charcoal barbecues) 3kg box
9,00 €

Natural gas kit

At this link you will find the assembly instructions. Please, confirm if your burners end is round ...
100,00 €

Fish basket

FeaturesPerfect basket for big fishes
24,00 €

12,00 €

Cleaning brush

FeaturesStainless steel cleaning brush for a proper barbecue maintenance
22,00 €

Ceramic Briquettes

The picture is just for your reference. The product sold are the stones, not the rackFeaturesCerami...
27,00 €

Charcoal tray

FeaturesNapoleon charcoal and smoking tray to be used with their gas barbecues.
64,00 €

Baking dish Beefeater

Beefeater baking dish to be used with the roast holderFeatures
30,00 €


Features Kit with butane gas regulator, two clamps and a gas hose.
24,00 €

Burger press

Characteristics Stainless steel press burger. Perfect for your hand made burgers. 
12,00 €